About Us


Provide customers with technologically advanced products, that ensure a security level without compromise, structured safety installation. Gaining total customer satisfaction makes easier the whole ordering process selecting ordering and the delivery to the product.

Spreading internal company culture and know-how through continuous training to our internal staff and to our customers.

Q- Fasteners has an overarching vision, which provides a huge and grand inspiration goal to the employees.

Our vision is “We are what we repetitively do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit” We shall be recognized as one of the premier providers of products of fastening world.


The long experience of Qatar Fasteners in fasteners allows the satisfaction of our customers’ requests in the Field that can be offered in different sizes, materials, and treatments. Our expert technicians let us offer customer support and competence in the supply of our products.
Those are found in the market according to the technical specifications of our customers. The technical support behind Qatar Fasteners comes from the strong relationship with the factories we are dealing with.

The proof of these quality achievements derives from the fact that Qatar Fasteners has been recognized and certificated IOS. The customers who have been using our products can guarantee high-quality standards.